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A life MBA...

Having played international field hockey for over 10 years, culminating in representing South Africa at the Athens Olympics in 2004, founder Steve Evans returned home to focus on his family and business interests. Having been sponsored by Gryphon & Voodoo Hockey during his career, he took over the brand building and marketing for Voodoo in SA, building a website & order platform, and using underground viral marketing tactics to build a community of like-minded brand ambassadors. 

In 2008, Hockeyshop.co.za was born, and has subsequently gone through a number of platform overhauls, and evolved to one of the leading multi-brand online stores. 

Hockeyshop.co.za has recently partnered with Gryphon Hockey to support grassroots hockey through our #Buy1Gift1 campaign. Watch the video below!  

Hockeyshop.co.za #Buy1Gift1

Hockeyshop.co.za #Buy1Gift1

#Buy1Gift1 Campaign with Gryphon Hockey

Supporting Grassroots Hockey in South Africa

Sports Technology Group

Smart Athlete Manager by STG

Digital Contracting for the technology era...

Sports & Entertainment is big business, with teams looking for every competitive on-field advantage. Strangely, most organisations are still running inefficient, analogue (paper-based) processes, wasting countless hours in administrative time and energy. We've created a blockchain based SaaS solution to ensure the privacy & security of sensitive contracting information, and to future-proof your organisation.   

Smart Athlete Manager

Our Smart Athlete Manager - SAM platform offers user friendly administration of athletes creating back office efficiencies and business intelligence. Smart Athlete Manager - SAM is made up of different modules, configurable for your success. SAM Contracts - our smart contract manager - governs the administration of athlete contracts and helps manage and calculate Salary Cap.

  • TEAMS will have the COMPETITIVE EDGE, ensuring they have the best players on the field. Focus on winning and not on administrative overheads.
  • AGENTS will be more EFFICIENT by staying focused on what you are good at; managing relationships. Efficiencies will enable agents the option of managing more athletes.
  • ATHLETES will be EMPOWERED by your organization bringing them leading-edge technology while respecting the privacy are giving them control of their data.

Super Fives Hockey

Reimaginging the Hockey Experience...

 Hockey 5s is the latest format introduced by the FIH to create a shortened version of the game that aligns with other international sports codes like Cricket (T20), Rugby (Sevens), Soccer (5s) and Beach Volleyball. 5’s is a fast paced, high action spectacle that showcases the best skills, talent and goalmouth action, for a new experience of spectator and player entertainment.

As passionate hockey players, (having represented and served South African hockey for over 25 years, playing and coaching both domestically and internationally), we recognise the importance of this format of the game in the development of our future hockey talent at grassroots level.

To achieve this, we’ve created a technology focused business system, that empowers passionate coaches and hockey players to do what they do best, without having to worry about the administrative challenges associated with event organisation. Additionally, we’re piloting two exciting initiatives, as follows:

  1. A business model for previously disadvantaged communities - partnering with corporate South Africa, to create community owned businesses that create employment, and brings the game to our youth, in the areas where they live.
  2. An employment model to support our current National players with additional income opportunities whilst playing, leveraging their profiles, and providing a path for entrepreneurial skills development & mentorship.

SFH "Festival of Hockey"

SFH "Festival of Hockey"